Spider Flower

30" x 40"

Spider Flower
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"Ashore" "Endurance" "Chapters" "Nurture" "Timeless" "True" "Passion" "Fortitude" "Contentment" "Red Sea" "Satistfied" "Fear" "Flourish" “Give Thanks” "Expecting" "Fulfillment" "Memories" "Pink Stream" "Tranquility" "Grounded" "Promise" "Dream" "Wish" "Abundance" "Possibilities" "Harbor" "Harmony" "Adventure" "Balance" Confidence "Gratitude" "Marsh Mellow Day" Exploration "Summer Freedom" "SC State House" "Resting" "Coneflower" "Transition" "Serenity" Pretty Place Chapel "Table Rock" "Train Tracks" "Fishing Pier" "Bowens Island" "Hunting Island" "Almost Paradise" "Salt Marsh Peace" "Breathe Out" "Breathe In" Hydrangea Boxes "Downtown Daffodils" Mrs. Horton's Roses "Gardenia" "Hellebore" New Zealand "Christmas Zinnia" "Mexican Sunflower" "Flying Dahlia" "Sunflower Flame" "Sunflower Love" "Open" "Lake Margrethe" "Poe's Tavern" "Waiting" "Greenville Bouquet" Pawleys Dock "Rejoice" "Swamp Rabbit Dahlia" Society Street "Camellia" "Ranaculus" Charleston Gerbera Spider Flower Hedge Apples "Volunteer Sunflower" "Skytop Apple Orchard" "O'Shaughnessy Castle" Sullivan's Cottage "On the Road to Arles #1" "On the Road to Arles #2" Sunflower Field Zinnia (from my garden) Dahlia #2 (from my garden) Dahlia #3 (from my garden) Dahlia (from my garden) Three Brothers on the Beach "Main St. Bridge" Santorini Afternoon Pawleys Morning Pawleys Walkway Pawleys Dinosaur Cooper River Bridge "Gilligan's" "Tradd St. Window Boxes" "Pink House" "Tradd St." "King St." "Old Exchange" "Broad St. Barber Shop" "Berlin's" "Broad St." "Sunflower Path" "sabbath rest" "still waters" Winter Berries