"sunflower #5"

24" x 24"

"sunflower #5"
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Reproductions Available:
canvas: 24" x 24" x 1.5" deep $275
paper: 20" x 16" (image size is 12" x 12" with large white border) $99
paper: 8" x 8" (image size is 5"x5" with white border) $39
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"Nurture" "Timeless" "True" "Resting" "Coneflower" "Transition" "Serenity" Hydrangea Boxes "Downtown Daffodils" Mrs. Horton's Roses "Gardenia" "Hellebore" "Christmas Zinnia" "Mexican Sunflower" "Flying Dahlia" "Sunflower Flame" "Sunflower Love" "Poe's Tavern" "Greenville Bouquet" "Swamp Rabbit Dahlia" "Camellia" "Ranaculus" Charleston Gerbera Spider Flower Hedge Apples "Volunteer Sunflower" Sunflower Field Zinnia (from my garden) Dahlia #2 (from my garden) Dahlia #3 (from my garden) Dahlia (from my garden) "Sunflower Path" "rudbeckia" "bird bath" "sunflower #5" "sunflower #4" "sunflower #3" "sunflower #2" "sunflower #1" "iris" "narcissus" "morning glory" "bay bridge dahlia" "hollyhock" "impatiens" "orange gerbera" "opening" "serendipity" "yellow rose" "poppy" "snap dragon" "calla lily" "lisianthus" "delphinium" "fuchsia dahlia" "yellow gerbera" "hyrdangea" "white lily" "four gerberas" "canna lily" "orchid" "sunflower" "sunning flower" "thistle" "dahlia"