some of my favorite things...

— South Carolina weather... beautiful, blue skies and toasty warm ALL summer long! (May, June, July, August, September) and NO SNOW (at least none to speak of.)
— Betty Crocker's new Gluten Free baking mixes topped with home made caramel frosting (pg. 78 in the red Betty Crocker cookbook) and sprinkles... YUMMMMMM!
— the fact that I (re-)learned how to ride a bike this summer
— the fact that my new bike coordinates with my web site
— The Cafe at Williams Hardware
— pansies blooming in my window boxes all winter long
— the two original pastel paintings (by artist Shelly Rosenquist) that are hanging in our family room
— Mrs. Meyers Clean Day soap and cleaning products
— bright blue skies
— wearing sandals all summer
— eating a meal outside
— losing sleep because I can't put my book down
— cute postage stamps
— watching new episodes of The Office with Tim
— getting our son Nathan to crack-up laughing
— a weekend alone with Tim (or better yet, a week in Mexico!)
— Downtown Presbyterian Church, our church in Greenville , SC
— old friends
— sparkling bodies of water
— having my house beautifully decorated
— creative inspiration
— quiet
— my new web site
— the clean smell that comes after a hard rain
— changing the personality of a cold white room by painting the walls a striking color
— taking an empty white canvas and turning it into a great painting
— the clanking sound that metal poles make when 100 artists are putting their show tents together
— seeing the look on somebody's face who is falling in love with one of my paintings
— views of the blue ridge mountains in our new town of Travelers Rest, South Carolina